Wildfire LogoWelcome to the homepage of the Wildfire Website Sample 2.

This website is intended to show you the main features of the Wildfire Software.

At the same time we try to give you a good example of contemporary website layout. This website follows the principles you have learned in the Wildfire Training, Unit 01, "The Art of Website Design".

May this website inspire your thoughts and give you good ideas for your own website.


Here is what you find on this site:

Photo Galleries

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Online Scripture App

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Note that we have put the content above in three columns. You can have sections on a page with 2 colums, a sidebar left, a sidebar right, or 3 columns.



We have videos, audios and playlists to offer in different types of presentation:

A playlist with mixed content (audio and video):


An audio-only playlist, compact version without poster image:

Audio only playlist

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The same audio playlist as above in one column, this time with a poster image:

Audio with Poster




There is also a page which offers a PDF to read, print or download:

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Watch a YouTube video here:


11. Kristian Stanfill - Even So Come (S5)

More YouTube Videos here... 


Listen to the entire New Testament in Altai.

Click on the headphones to access the page of audio files. These audio recordings come from "Faith Comes by Hearing" and were recorded in the Altai community.

Watch an Online Dictionary of your language here (click the image):

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